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Events update …

Lorraine vm new flyer picture 24.5.13Holistic/Psychic Fayre 

Sunday 11th January 2015 – 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Join us for an afternoon of private one -to-one readings, spiritual, tarot and angel card readings available, chair healing, crystals and a selection of Crystals and other metaphysical products on sale.  Entrance £1.50 – readings and other products charged separately and prices may vary.  Refreshments included ( tea, coffee, biscuits)

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Angelina Ray

Angelina Ray demonstrating the benefits of Forever Living Aloe Vera


Aloe_Vera_Drinks 1

Forever Living Aloe Vera drinks available in several varieties

Angelina Ray demonstrating the benefits of Forever Living Aloe Vera drinks available in several varieties. The primary ingredient of all varieties is pure Aloe Vera gel, which provides a rich supplement to healthy nutrition. Drink any one of these to assist digestion and absorption of nutrients and to add vitamins and minerals to your diet.


- lorraine

Lorraine ‘ Violet Moon’ Psychic Medium Tarot & Angel Cards

- riz

Riz Psychic Medium Tarot & Angel Cards

Voodoo Mick

Voodoo Mick Psychic, Tarot, Runes






- Diane Reid

Diane Medium – Angel Cards

CNV00010 maureen medium

Maureen Medium




Naomi Skog Maddog Designs

Naomi Maddog Designs – a large selection of crystals , jewellery & tumblestones

crystal bracelet

Maddog designs Prescription bracelet made with Kunzite, Ruby’s, Labradorite, Watermelon tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline and Garnet finished with a hand crafted sterling silver clasp















Maddog designs healing jewellery

Maddog Designs Healing Jewellery

Event picture Maddog Designs









Venue: Violet Rose Moon CIC, Waterside Centre, 26 Avenue Road, South Norwood, (next to Lakes), London SE25 4DX Buses: 75, 157, 196, 197, 410 468 Train Station: Norwood Junction, Free on street parking.  Tel: 07930 809 172 or 020 8251 9029

Evening of Clairvoyance with Medium Maggie Jones

Saturday 17th January 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Fee: £10 – (places are limited as everyone gets a reading)  Click here for more information/book your place.


We will have new workshops and courses starting from March.  If there is any particular workshop you would like to attend please email to let us know what your particular area of interest is.

We plan to hold the following workshops:

Reiki, Tarot, Crystal Healing Mediumship (working with spirit), Pychic Development, Dowsing.  We are happy to hear your views and comments.

Friday closed circle 8pm – 10pm

The next circle is on Friday 23rd January 2015



Psychic Night Saturday 7th June 2014 6pm – 10pm

Psychic Night Saturday 7th June 2014 6pm – 10pm

Psychic Night – Saturday 7th June 2014 from 6pm – 10pm

Violet Rose Moon Centre Invite you to join them for an evening of one-to-one psychic, tarot, angel card readings, including clairvoyance with experienced professional readers.  

Crystals and other products will be on sale during the evening.

Venue: Violet Rose Moon CIC, 26 Avenue Road, South Norwood, SE25 4DX

Nearest train station Norwood Junction (only a couple of stops from croydon)

Buses: 75, 157, 196, 197, 410, 468

May News

Lorraine vm new flyer picture 24.5.13Hi Everyone  
I can’t believe we have arrived at May already. The year seems to be going so quick.  For those of you who are planning to attend circles and/or development workshops I have listed upcoming events at the bottom of this page for you. I will be contacting those people who have already registered for circles this week. At the moment it looks as if the first new mediumship circle(s) will run on a Friday evening between 8pm and 10pm with a possibility of an additional circle on Tuesday or Thursday evenings for those who cannot do Fridays. If any of you would like to do a daytime course please let me know.  I am thinking of running a 10 week development course for beginners and/or intermediate levels. This course can be held in the evening, early morning or afternoon for those who need to get away for school runs. Let me know.                              

This month we are giving away our stone of the month Shiva Lingham. For your chance to be entered into our free prize draw and receive this remarkable stone just like our Facebook page at Violet Rose Moon CIC. The winner will be notified by email.

Stone of the Month

shiva lingham

shiva lingham 1This month we look at Shiva Lingham. It is said that Shiva Lingam is a sacred temple stone from the Narmada River in India. These special stones have been sacred in Hindu culture for many thousands of years.


On a physical level this stone has been worshipped for thousands of years past and is held sacred by Hindus as being the embodiment of the God Shiva. In particular, the shape of the stone is symbolic of the male member of the Lord Shiva. Shiva Lingham is excellent for helping with infertility and with impotence.

It has been said that the Lingham when used in meditation and crystal healing will ward off any negative energy sent towards you and send black magic to the sender.  Read more …


 Upcoming Events/Courses/Workshops …

Saturday 7th June 2014 6pm – 10pm

Psychic Night with Lorraine ‘Violet Moon’ and Guests

Psychic night coverpage

Psychic Night – Saturday 7th June 2014 from 6pm – 10pm

Violet Rose Moon Centre Invite you to join them for an evening of one-to-one psychic, tarot, angel card readings, including clairvoyance with experienced professional readers.

Crystals and other products will be on sale during the evening.

Venue: Violet Rose Moon CIC, 26 Avenue Road, South Norwood, SE25 4DX

Nearest train station Norwood Junction (only a couple of stops from croydon)

Buses: 75, 157, 196, 197, 410, 468



If you want to attend please reserve your place by registering for the event.



Please register for free admission and/or book in advance to avoid disappointment on the night.

Contact Lorraine for further details:

Tel: 020 8 251 9029 (leave a message and we will get back to you)

Mobile: 07930 809 172

email: violetmoonpsychics@outlook.com


Saturday 28th June 2014 : 6pm – 9pm


Combined Music Chant and/or hand drumming Evening – Catherine Pestano

Nurture yourself and your spirit with this delicious and comforting development session using the power of sound and voice. Toning the chakras, singing world music chants together, Setting intentions for the rest of the year and celebrating the fullness of Summer. No singing or drumming skills required.  Drums will be provided or if you prefer bring your own drum.

I have found that working with sound is a really good way to balance the chakras and keep your energy fields high and vibrant. Some of the most common energy problems that many people have are caused by blocks within their basic energetic fields. This is especially beneficial in your spiritual development and sound is a great way to receive healing


Development Programme 2014

We will be adding new courses and workshops over the next few months.  We are registering now for the following groups starting this month:

Shamanic Journeying with Mick This group will start on Saturday 10th May and will run on Saturday evenings 6pm – 8pm once a month.  Mick prefers to speak to anyone joining his group for the first time himself so he will call you once he has your details.

Closed Spiritual Development Group(s) with Lorraine ‘Violet Moon’  This is for people who want to develop their mediumship skills. There will also be opportunity to explore working with psychic ability and tools in psychic workshops/circles and/or tarot groups. The first circle will take place on Friday 2nd May 2014 at 8pm. Certificates of attendance/completion will be supplied at various development stages after assessment throughout the course (usually around 10 weeks).    Please call me if you want to attend this circle.

Re-Invent Group with Jane Innis  This is a monthly workshop and Jane invites us to come and learn fun tools and techniques for making small but significant changes to your life.”  During this course we will be exploring the use of Healing, Silent meditation, Journalling,Moon energy, Healing the ancestors, EFT, Vision boards, Changing our thoughts Mandalas, More Raw Food, Clutter clearance. All in a fun and supportive way.

To enrol for any of these groups or any other groups please email me at violetmoonpsychic@outlook.com stating which group your are interested in and also giving your phone number so we can discuss with you.

Alternatively contact us on Tel: 020 8251 9029 or Mobile: 07930 809 172


References: http://www.hehishelo.co.uk/Shiva-Lingham

Violet Rose Moon Spiritual Centre &Tarot Cavern’s New Address

lorraine croydon tv PINK1 180Hi Everyone
Finally, after what seemed an eternity looking for somewhere suitable for our events and clairvoyant evenings the Centre has now relocated to the tranquil setting of South Norwood Lakes and will be offering our full range of psychic/spiritual services. So far I have not been able to find a suitable new shop in Croydon so until a new shop is found  you can still purchase incense, crystals and other metaphysical products on our drop in days or by ordering on-line at violetmooncentre.co.uk.  If the product you want has not been uploaded to the site yet, just contact me and where possible I will order the item in for you if I do not already have it in stock. 
To launch our new premises our first event is a Holistic/Psychic Fayre on Saturday 29th March from midday onwards (it’s the day before Mother’s Day so perfect to purchase a present with a difference) such as an aura drawing with Meleka9 or some handmade soaps or bath bombs. Why not bring your mum to have a therapy taster session priced at only £5 and £10 special offer on the day .  Entrance will be free with readings and treatments extra.  Special offers include short 15 minute readings at only £10 on the day. I will be sending out your free entrance invitation for this event shortly. Please book your free place to indicate your attendance. Register now
Thank you 
I hope to see you there.
Our new address is:  
Violet Rose Moon CIC, Waterside Centre, 29 Avenue Road, South Norwood, SE25 4DX
T: 020 8251 9029 | M: 07930 809 172
E: violetmoonpsychic@outlook.com | thetarotcavern@yahoo.co.uk
W: violetmooncentre.co.uk | violetmoonpsychics.com

Violet Rose Moon Drop in Centre: Thursdays 12.30pm – 4.30pm – appointments are still available outside of these times by phoning or emailing to make an appointment.

Our new location is very relaxing and peaceful overlooking South Norwood Lakes and Park where we hope to promote a sense of peace and well being. Drop in for readings, chair healing, metaphysical products and crystals. Counselling and other therapies available by appointment only.  If you are looking for a specific item call us ahead of your visit and where possible we will order items in for you.

‘Violet Moon’

New courses starting from April

Lorraine vm new flyer picture 24.5.13Spiritual Development Circles/Daytime Tarot Group/Courses/Workshop(s): contact me for further details. I am hoping to have my new closed circles up and running within the next few weeks.

To book an appointment or for all enquires in relation to psychics, mediums, tarot and angel card readings, healing, therapies, development circles, clairvoyant events metaphysical products and crystals  please call us on Tel: 020 8251 9029  or Mobile: 07930 809 172  email:violetmoonpsychic@outlook.com,   thetarotcavern@yahoo.co.uk, web: violetmooncentre.co.uk violetmoonpsychics.com

CNV00041Re-Invent with Jane Innis 

Come and learn fun tools and techniques for making small but significant changes to your life.

Over the weeks we will be exploring the use of Healing, Silent meditation, Journalling, Crystals, Progressive relaxation, Moon energy, Healing the ancestors, EFT, Vision boards, Changing our thoughts, Mandalas, More Raw Food, Clutter clearance,

All in a fun and supportive way. Tuesdays 7-9pm starting Tuesday 8th April , £5

at Violet Rose Moon Centre, 26 Avenue Road, South Norwood, London SE25 4DX

For further information contact Jane at info@peaceloveheal.co.uk

Peace-Love –Heal – a self-healing system based on reiki, combining emotional stress release, creative visualisations, progressive relaxation and positive thought and affirmations.

shaman drum 2Shamanic Journeying once a month –  if you would like to join this group contact us for further details.

How to find us

Nearest Train Station Norwood Junction British Rail (Norwood Junction train station is within 10 minutes walking distance)  from East and West Croydon Stations  – buses  75, 157,196, 410  and 468 stop nearby

Parking Free  –  unrestricted  parking in local streets. 

Wheel Chair: The ground floor of the Centre is fully accessible.

Violet Moon Centre November Updates …

lorraine croydon tv PINK1 180

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I wrote so, I thought I’d let you all know what’s been happening.

Let’s start with me!

Despite having no permanent address for my events and readings, the calls continue to come in requesting readings, so since the centre closed on 4th October I have been travelling between Norwood and South Croydon (sometimes both areas in the same day). I have also been doing a lot of home visits.  Although it keeps me busy it really isn’t the same as having a permanent base. People keep reminding me that at least I do not have any overheads, such as rent, electricity etc. But, I have to say, life just doesn’t seem the same without the centre and I really miss everyone who came in, especially the daily visitors.  People have asked where we are so they can come visit and buy their crystals and incense supplies but the present position is I am still waiting to hear  from a couple of suitable properties in South Croydon, so fingers crossed it will be a favourable reply soon.  


In the meantime I’ve set up a new on-line store (only limited products loaded so far)so my customers can still get their regular supplies, such as smudge sticks, incense crystals etc.  If any of you want anything in particular, but I haven’t loaded it on yet, just contact me from the store link  at violetmooncentre.co.uk and I will be happy to send them out for you. I will send out direct links to the store via email shortly.


Hopefully, I will have new premises soon.  However, I am thinking of organising a couple of events leading up to Christmas (Venue still to be decided).


I have a potentially good venue for the regular circles and workshops but feel I should hold off for now until I know whether I have a new  premises in the Croydon area first.

Contact Violet Moon Centre

I have had all the centre calls diverted so you can still reach me on 020 8667 1019 or of course 07930 809 172

Thank you for your continued support and hopefully I will see you all again in the near future at the new location.

Best wishes