Meditate with Violet Moon

Meditate with ‘Violet Moon’

Copyright © Lorraine Simpson ’Violet Moon’ (4 December 2014)

Connect to the spirit within

There are times when the only way to find inner peace and tranquillity is to connect to the spirit within, your higher self.  To do this you will need to quieten your mind in order to make that connection.  Set aside a short period of time when you won’t be disturbed for around 10 or 15 minutes (or longer if you prefer) to follow the meditation and disconnect from the physical world. You will find that by just taking this short amount of time out it will re-energise your spiritual battery enough to go on with your daily life(s).  This is particularly important when you are stressed out. You can use this simple meditation to find inner clarity and peace.

If you have some peaceful relaxing music just allow it to play in the background 

Now find yourself a comfortable chair (upright chairs are best) and begin to relax

Sit with both feet firmly on the ground with your legs slightly apart

Sit as upright as possible just allowing yourself to relax,

Allow both hands to just rest lightly on your legs/ knees.

As you listen to the music, just let your mind take you to the scenes that I describe and you are about to see. This is a magical place, another world created for you.

Take three deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. If it helps repeat the exercise again this until you are relaxed. Put your thoughts to one side for now until you return.

The meditation 

You are on a tropical island.

Find yourself travelling along a long winding road, on both sides of the road there are lush green trees and plants. The sun shines down through the trees covering everything in a beautiful warm hazy golden glow.

You feel the heavenly sensation of the warm tropical breeze on your skin leaving your whole being invigorated.

You are drawn to the many mango and coconut trees that surround you, noticing the various other food plants growing in the ground alongside the many colourful houses in the background.

As you observe these wonderful sights you also become aware of the many goats, horses and red bulls in the fields just a little further back from the road – you can hear the sounds they make.

You are so relaxed, this is such a relaxing view. You decide to leave the main road and make your way through a thin path that has appeared in between the greenery.  It leads you to a beautiful blue sea front which has now become your pathway, you feel the sea breeze on your face and breath it in. You keep walking ahead and you feel an excitement in the air.  Can you feel it yet?

You make your way down onto the white sand that now comes into view.  It is very peaceful and you gaze out across the water.  A couple of pelicans come into view and you watch as they dive for fish coming up to rest only for a few minutes before diving again deep into the sea.

You are so very relaxed now and very much at peace with your surroundings.  In the distance you become aware of a big white house.  You are not sure but you believe there is someone calling you to visit the house. You make your way towards the house and the lush green vegetation that surrounds it. 

As you walk towards it someone with whom you are familiar and feel comfortable with appears to help you find your inner sanctuary (this can be a guide, a friend or a loved one) whoever appears will lead you into the sacred space where you can converse with your higher self who has much spiritual knowledge to give you, enabling you to access information previously out of your reach. The guide tells you to close your eyes and follow him/her to the secret place/hall of ancient wisdom where you will find knowledge relevant to your own sacred path.

This is your own sacred place that you have created and where you can return as often as you like. 

It is now time for you to go into silence with your higher self. Use this time to re-energise, to find tranquillity/peace and/or gain information from your higher self before coming back to the here and now.  There’s no need to rush just take your time and remember you can come back here as many times as you like.

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