Magical Properties of Sage (Garden Sage)

Magical Properties of Sage (Garden Sage):Sage is native to Mediterranean and Asian areas in the world, but can be grown in certain parts of other countries such as America and Europe. A member of the mint family, it is a fragrant, rich, green herb with long oblong-shaped leaves, and usually a off-white-colored fur on the face of the leaves. Sage flowers are small and range in color from white to purple. This garden herb has many culinary uses, but can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal Properties

Sage is used to treat a wide range of internal problems on the human body. It is has been promoted as a way to prevent memory loss, and its antispasmodic properties make it ideal for alleviating menstrual cramps and muscle tension. It has been used as an anti-hydrotic to treat night sweats and excessive perspiration. According to many modern studies, sage leaf can also be used as an antibiotic, astringent, antifungal, antispasmodic, estrogenic and hypoglycemic. It may be found helpful in soothing indigestion and stomach pains, anxiety, depression, and menopausal problems.

Sage for Wisdom & Decision Making 150grms £2.75
Sage for Wisdom & Decision Making 150grms £2.75

Carry Sage in a pouch for wisdom and the power of discernment when faced with decisions to make in career, money and family matters. Native Americans burn sage during religious and personal ceremonies for blessing, cleansing and purification. It is also burned on altars whilst praying for guidance and answers. Its used in mixes and spells to aid making decisions in career and business. In herbal medicine can be used as a brewed tea to ease mental exhaustion and help strengthen concentration. Sage for Wisdom & Decision Making 150grms £2.75

Spiritual and External Properties

Sage also helps on external parts of the body, and in a spiritual sense as well. It is believed to have the ability to cleanse a house, evil spirits or negative energy. It is common in Native American religion to burn sage for new beginnings. On external parts of the body, sage can be used as a tea for mouthwash to treat ulcers and halitosis, and dried sage can be rubbed on bug bites, cuts, scrapes or rashes to relieve itching, swelling and infection. Since sage possesses antiseptic properties, some find that it can soothe irritation on the body on contact.

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