Depression : The Power of Crystals …

This article was written  by ‘ S ‘ to show how the power of crystals really helped her  with mental health problems.

“In 2004 I was diagnosed with a severe mental illness.  Realistically, my depression, breakdown or ‘walk-out’ began 14 years ago when I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter Natasha.

Years of suicidal lows and psychosis ensued with my confidence often at rock-bottom.  Interestingly enough, I picked up my first introduction to spirit, with namely a book by Deepak Chopra, when I was pregnant; also at this time I instinctively  chose a Malachite pendant to wear.

Malachite I discovered, last week from ‘The Crystal Bible’, is known as the midwife’s crystal stone for its protective qualities during pregnancy and childbirth.  I did have a physically easy pregnancy with only a two-hour labour – not usual for a first time pregnancy.  During pregnancy I also had a preference for vegetarian food and was nauseated by caffeine.  I  do sometimes wonder whether my daughter is an earth angel with her compassion, generous spirit and zest for life and her choices even then. I subsequently lost the pendant after I gave birth which apparently happens when your journey with which, or need for a particular crystal is over.

Last week at Violet Moon Centre I chose malachite again from a range of crystals and also a sliver of Citrine.  I love the dense, dark green hues of malachite.  I imagine it to be associated with Archangel Raphael –  “the one who heals” and also the heart chakra which favours either green or pink crystals.  Citrine, incidently, a sunny crystal with its yellow tones I associate with the solar plexus chakra – the seat of judgement and will as well as the abdominal organs.

According to Soozii Holbeche in ‘The Power of Gems and Crystals’, Citrine can help you make choices and is an inspirational stone. Not surprisingly, I have it next to me as I write this.

Lorna, an Angelic Reiki Master at Violet Moon Centre working with ‘Angelic Realms’ spoke to me about ways of cleansing the crystals and dedicating them. I used Reiki Energy for choice.  Gemma also working at ‘Violet Moon Centre’ suggested that I protect myself in a bubble.

Well, it certainly curbed my shopaholic tendency as I feel more secure.  My thinking has been clearer.  Malachite, placed in the heart centre when relaxing – not surprisingly opens the heart and soothes the mind of depression. Again my thinking was clearer.   Being an empath I find it difficult to set boundaries, but now this seems easier to manage.

Despite being diagnosed with a mental illness deep down I don’t think I have a psychiatric disorder.  I now feel that I am beginning my mission in this life.  I will continue to consiously use crystals in my healing journey and hopefully guidance will come with right instinct to follow.

Do come along to Violet Moon to browse through a huge range of crystals.  You  will definitely find the one you need on your transformative path.

S x”


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