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Lorraine vm new flyer picture 24.5.13Hi Everyone

This year just seems to be flying by. I can’t believe it’s the May Bank Holiday already. Did you know that May Day or Beltane is an ancient celtic fire festival and marks the beginning of Summer (I have to say looking out of my window it doesn’t look that way to me). The ancient Romans celebrated the first four days of May, known as the festival of flowers, as a sacred time in their calendar year. It consisted of plays, songs, dancing, merriment and a coming together of philosophers, teachers, singers and musicians to entertain the people.

Depending on your particular tradition, there are many different ways you can celebrate Beltane, but the focus is nearly always on fertility. It’s the time when the earth mother opens up to the fertility god, and their union brings about healthy livestock, strong crops, and new life all around.

May Day Celebrations In GlastonburyThe Maypole is one of the traditional symbols of Beltane and it is all about dancing around the maypole. The pole was usually put up on the village green or common, or even a nearby field with brightly colored ribbons attached to it. Young people came and danced around the pole, each holding the end of a ribbon. As they wove in and out, men going one way and women the other, it created a sleeve of sorts — the enveloping womb of the earth — around the pole. By the time they were done, the Maypole was nearly invisible beneath the ribbons.


There were also Morris dancers, usually men who wear different cloth depending on which part of the country they’re from They are often dressed in white with coloured baldrics (coloured belts) across their chests. There are usually six or eight dancers arranged in two lines or in a circle facing each other. The dancers may carry white handkerchiefs that they shake, or short sticks that they bang against each other as they dance.

Well looking at the weather I think I’ll just stay in and keep warm.

Have a great weekend


Violet Moon


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Card of the month: New Beginnings

New Beginnings

This card is all about new starts and changes up ahead.

Is there something you want to do but have been afraid to do it because it could  all go wrong?  Why not take a leap of faith and just trust that you will be ok no matter what happens. Sometimes it’s necessary to just do it, step out into the unknown, travelling to wherever life takes you. We are all afraid of change and most people will stay exactly where they are, with what they know.  If we listen to our own inner guidance and believe in ourselves, we may just find our lives being pushed forward on a  life-changing path.

The message of this card is quite simply don’t conform to what other people expect of you, or to what society expects you to do. This is your life and your adventure.

Key word for May: Expect the unexpected.


Stone of the month: Emerald

Emerald rawEmerald is the birthstone for May and also for the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Beltane is all about prosperity and fertility and Emerald is a classic stone of love and romance, and is reputed to bring both passion and domestic bliss with unconditional love. It is also said to be a stone that brings balance within relationships, as well as friendship. In the event of heartbreak, emerald is used to heal the heartbreak and put one back on the path to love. Emerald is said to revitalize the body and to provide inspiration. Emerald is also believed to enhance memory, to encourage patience, to calm the emotions and to eliminate negativity. It is said to give you the ability to enjoy life to the full.


Physical: Emerald is said to aid recovery after infectious illness, to detoxify the liver, to help ease rheumatism and to soothe the eyes. Also used for Heart, liver, kidney, immune system, vitalises, circulatory system, neurological disorders and tones the body and mind.

Emotional:  Emerald is thought to be a good stone for relationships. It is believed to bring domestic happiness to encourage unconditional love and to promote friendship. It is said to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation within a group of people.


The emerald is a deep green beryl stone of great power. It is said to assist in gaining a deeper spiritual insight, introduces the higher self to the divinity within. It is also known as the Unconditional Love stone. It is said to assist with mental powers, protection. Psychic work, creativity, love, prosperity, kindness, balance, patience and the power to heal.

Emerald can be used during Chakra Balancing to open and calm the Heart Chakra.


Disclaimer:  Please note all the information contained above is for information purposes only.  It is not recommended as a means of diagnosing or treating any illness, all matters concerning physical and mental health should be supervised by a health practitioner knowledgeable in treating that particular condition. 


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